Falls in UK Care Homes - a guide to digital prevention


Falls have a huge impact on the lives of those living in care. Wouldn't it be amazing if care teams could be in the right place at the right time to prevent, rather than react, to falls?
Now they can, with the help of a world leading, revolutionary safety and fall sensor.

Join our conversation over lunch, guiding you through the emerging landscape of falls prevention technology.

We are honoured to be joined by:

  • Professor Martin Green OBE (Care England) 
  • Helen Davies-Parsons (Dormy Care)
  • Daniel Casson (Casson Consulting)

You will also learn more about RoomMate, the safety sensor which is used with great success in many thousands of care rooms in Scandinavia - and now also in the UK.

RoomMate is a revolutionary safety sensor that prevents and detects falls using advanced algorithms. It is also a tool that can digitally transform and streamline how care teams work, creating #MoreTimeForCare

Join this webinar, and we will show you how! 

Time and Place:

  • 15. November at 12:30 pm
  • Link to the webinar will be sent to you when you register.

In the end, there will also be time for questions.

PS. Sign up even if the time doesn't suit you, as all registrants will receive the webinar OnDemand afterwards.

Want to read more about RoomMate?
Have a look at sensio.io. 

Daniel Casson

Casson Consulting London Ltd

Helen Davies Parsons

CEO, Dormy Care Communities

Jon Thue

CCO, Sensio AS

Martin Green

Chief Executive, Care England

Ben Benson-Breen